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Rebecca's story

In July 2009, Rebecca’s life was forever changed when she met Isabel, a Canadian student on a school trip to Kenya. Isabel thought Rebecca was pretty terrific.

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Meet Grace

Grace appeared out of the blue at the foot of our veranda in Kenya about nine years ago when we were having our morning coffee. She need some help with school.


This is Josh

Overcoming a terrible setback with support and a lot of determination. Josh's story is remarkable.

Our Kenyan helper

Pauline is our representative in Kenya and provides us with an enormous amount of help and guidance. It would not happen without Pauline.

CHAT camel clinic

Mobile Camel Clinics

Communities Health Africa Trust’s mobile clinics provide integrated health services to communities in central and northern Kenya. 

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Nurse Labrie

Gigi Labrie is a Canadian nurse who took some leave from job in the ED of a busy Toronto hospital to volunteer with CHAT. It's quite a story!

CHAT's mobile back pack clinic

Back pack mobiles

CHAT is reaching increasing numbers of people living urban slums through the innovative back pack strategy for health care delivery.


Two Camel Mobile Clinics

In 2019, we raised enough money to fund two mobile camel clinics operated by CHAT

Why educating girls in Africa is important

Educating girls

While the TSP both girls and boys, increasingly we have been enrolling more girls. Why?

Roleen's Story

We met Roleen when she was finishing grade 9 and her previous sponsor disappeared!

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