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Pauline Muthoni

It all happens because of Pauline's hard work.

Pauline is our representative in Kenya and provides us with an enormous amount of help and guidance. She helps to screen potential scholarship recipients to help ensure they are worthy of the support. She ensures that tuition fees and all the other bills are paid. She takes the students shopping several times a year to make sure they are properly kitted out for school with the right books, supplies and clothes.


Meeting with a potential scholarship recipient.

Pauline grew up in an orphanage in Nairobi. She was able to go through school and eventually obtain a college degree in business because of the generousity of a Norweigian visitor to Kenya who undertook to sponsor Pauline. 

Now a busy parent of three daughters with a full time job, Pauline helps The Small Project in her spare time. She knows how incredibly fortunate she was and this is her way of giving back. Pauline knows each of our students very well, providing them with invaluable guidance and encouragement that is informed by her own life experiences. 


We are incredibly grateful for Pauline's help.

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