Who We Are

Inspired by the work of George Small, we are a small organization with no salaried employees. Virtually all of the money we raise goes to support education, health care and wild life conservation in Kenya.

By staying small we offer our students a great deal of personalized attention. We pay attention to their individual circumstances, their strengths and weaknesses, in order to help ensure their success.

And you don’t have to be big to have a big impact.



No other investment pays such dividends as investing in a child’s education.

In a developing country, education is the one sure ticket a child has to escape the grinding cycle of poverty.



The Small Project supports the work of Communities Health Africa Trust.

CHAT focuses on the provision of reproductive healthcare and family planning to women living in remote rural areas of Kenya.



A living laboratory, Mpala Research Center is one of the most successful and important facilities of its kind in Africa. Hundreds of researchers from all over the world go there to study and learn how best to promote sustainable relationships between humans and wildlife.



Stay up-to-date on all of our efforts in Kenya by visiting our blog.

We take frequent trips to Kenya every year, giving us a great opportunity to check-in with students and local residents to ensure we are helping to provide the services and opportunity that they truly need.


Latest Posts

Back Pack Strategy

CHAT uses a model of door-to-door delivery for its services, using whatever means it takes to reach those in need.

TSP Funds Two Camel Clinics!

The Small Project started 2019 off in a big way! In 2018, we successfully raised enough money to fund not one but TWO mobile camel clinics operated by the Kenyan organization, Communities Health Africa Trust (CHAT)!

Help provide basic access to proper education, health care, and assist with wildlife conservation, today.