The Small Project focuses on three key, inter-related factors that touch the lives of nearly everyone in rural Kenya – education, health care, and preserving the land and wildlife

The George Small Scholarship

The scholarship covers all costs associated with school: tuition, room and board, school supplies, personal supplies, and school uniform.

For many if not all of the students, going away to boarding school means for the first time in the lives they have their own bed with bedding, three balanced meals a day, proper clothing, and medical care as needed.

The George Small Scholarship is administered in Kenya by Pauline Muthoni.

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Communities Health Africa Trust

Communities Health Africa Trust’s (CHAT) mobile clinics provide integrated health services to rural communities throughout central and northern Kenya. Over 80% of the people living in these communities have little or no access to other health services. Many are transient, semi-nomadic pastoralists living in extreme poverty, subsisting on less than $2 per day.

CHAT’s efforts in these communities are focused on family planning and reproductive health care.


Wildlife Conservation

A living laboratory, Mpala Research Center is one of the most successful and important facilities of its kind in Africa. Hundreds of researchers from all over the world go there to study and learn how best to promote sustainable relationships between humans and wildlife.

But places like Mpala are not inexpensive to operate. Visiting researchers must pay fees for room and board, technical support, field guides, vehicles and vehicle support, and so on.