Elizabeth became a scholarship student in 2011

Elizabeth became a scholarship student in 2011 when she entered Form 1 (grade 9) at St. Paul’s Githakwa near a town called Nyeri, about an hour and a half from where her family lives. Elizabeth’s family was displaced from where they lived in the Rift Valley, hundreds of kilometres away, by the post-election violence that occurred in December 2007 and early 2008. They fled to the Nanyuki area of Central Kenya. Sadly, Elizabeth’s father abandoned the family at this time.

When she is not at boarding school, Elizabeth lives with her mother and the rest of her family – her mother, two younger siblings, an aunt, and her grandmother – in a rented shack on a small plot of land with a garden. They are very poor, supporting themselves from what they can grow and raise (one cow, a few chickens) and casual labour. Sometimes they get by on the good will of neighbours.

Elizabeth is an incredibly cheerful and positive young woman, and she blossomed at St. Paul’s. She made friends, played sports, and did her best academically. Elizabeth completed secondary school in December 2014 and is awaiting the results of her final exams (due in March 2015) before deciding what she might do in terms of post-secondary education.

If a particular student’s donors are willing, and happily this is the case for Elizabeth, The Small Project will try to support students in some sort of post-secondary program that will, hopefully, lead to employment. Our goal is to have the students become independent.

Once she learns what her results are, Elizabeth will have a better idea of her options. Right now she is looking at a trade such as cooking or dressmaking, which will mean another year in a training program.