Much of what The Small Project is able to do in Kenya can be attributed to Pauline Muthoni

Pauline serves as our representative in Kenya and provides us with an enormous amount of help and guidance. She helps to vet potential scholarship recipients to make certain they are who they say they are. She ensures that tuition fees and other bills are paid, and she takes the students shopping several times a year to make sure they are properly kitted out for school with the right books, supplies and clothes. She serves as our eyes and ears on the ground when we aren’t in Kenya.

While Pauline receives a honorarium each year, it is a very modest sum and for all intents and purposes, she carries out her responsibilities on a volunteer basis. Why? Because Pauline was at one time an orphan herself, living in the slums of Nairobi, with no real chance for a better life. But many years ago she was fortunate enough to meet a Norwegian woman who was on trip to Kenya. The woman took an interest in Pauline and single-handedly raised the money necessary to send Pauline through school, including university. This kindness changed her life.

Pauline says that her involvement with The Small Project is her way of giving back and helping others as she was once helped.